A FURIOUS Nick Clegg VOWS to block Michael Gove's plan to scrap GCSEs!

Grrrr.... Clegg was furious!

He had not been consulted on the plans for exam reform.

And that made him feel sad.

Nobody likes to be left out, do they?

Clegg was going to reject the idea of two-tier exam system 'out of hand'.

He denounced Gove.

Bad, Gove, bad! Back in your basket!

"The Liberal Democrats are in politics to remove barriers for all children and not to return to the 1950s education system," a senior party source said. "We want a modern education system for the 21st century, not an acceptance of mediocrity. We want a system for the future rather than turning the clock back to the past with a two-tier education system that will let down our kids."


So, Clegg was angry and all, y'know, oppositional (or should that be coalition-y?) in June.

Link to Guardian website for article dated 21 June 2012.

Good for him.

Thank goodness someone is at least making an attempt to stop Gove in his tracks.
(It's actually Stephen Twigg's job, but I think he's off sick, or his family have moved or something. He hasn't been to class for ages anyway. At least, nobody has heard from or seen him.)

And so we fast forward to September.

Clegg is talking about Education again.

But there's no 'Rocky' theme tune today, no silk shorts and towels with 'LD' embroidered on the corner.

Clegg seems different, more domesticated and less, well, less like the leader of a major political party.

Today he's all,

"Yeah, let's scrap 'em, Mikey! I'm right behind you. By the way, you haven't seen a spare backbone around here, have you? I keep searching for one but no luck, and we're not allowed to buy them on expenses, so...."

17th September 2012:

Link to Guardian website for article dated 17th September 2012.

This man is our Deputy Prime Minister.

Our Number Two, if you will.

His lack of strength and moral fibre is self-evident, and he's just another of those interchangeable, rich, former public school boys, who have no clue about the reality of life for the majority of British citizens, but if ever we needed a reminder of what a farce the idea of our Government being a 'coalition' is, we need look no further than Clegg.

Tory lackey, and far more bumbling than our old mucka, Boris Johnson.

We hoped you'd man up, Clegg, but you simply weren't strong enough.

Shame on you!

Although none of your poor decisions will affect you, or your family.
Private tuition will come easily should any of your children turn out to be duffers.
Or Dyslexic.

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